living a good lifeWhat does living a good life really mean?

Those of you who know me personally know that I did not always have the freedom and lifestyle that I do today.

I’ve worked three jobs at a time. I’ve been broke. I’ve even been laid off at what many would consider the worst time in their lives.

Today I’d like to share with you a few simple shifts in philosophy that can help you to make some serious changes in your lifestyle.

‘Good’ can have a different definition for different people. Each of us has different values in our lives, that in-turn, lead us in different directions.

This means there could be an indefinite amount of answers to the question.

It’s generally thought that we must achieve vast wealth in order to live a good life.

“Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it ranks right up there with oxygen” -Zig Ziglar

Granted, financial freedom can lead you to a better place in life. More money means more options.

However having more money doesn’t necessarily make you ‘rich.’

The dollar plays an important role to all of us, and it can grant you a certain amount of freedom, but it is not everything.

True fulfillment is born of what you do with your wealth.

When I first decided to change it all I had a clear definition of what was important to me.

No amount of money could make feel wealthy and that mindset ended in a complete transformation.

You see, there will come a point where we all cease to be.

When that day comes and we reflect on the things that we’ve done, will you be grateful for how you spent your time?

If so, you’ve tapped into what it means to live a good life. It means you’ve found the happiness and fulfillment that every one of us deserves.

But let’s say that during that same reflection you begin to take inventory and find fear and regret.

What would that mean?

It would mean that you missed out on the opportunities and passed on chances that are presenting themselves in the now.

So, in order to define a good life the best question to ask yourself is, “What is my definition of happiness?

If fulfillment equals happiness then we must determine the definition of it.

What do you feel or experience that makes you feel whole?

What matters to you the most?

What goals do you wish to accomplish?

We must be as specific as possible when it comes to setting life goals and defining our dreams.

Doing so will make it much easier for you to achieve them.

We all have talents and skills that are unique and I believe that anyone can use their inborn skills to live a good life.

There is no magic bullet or one-size-fits-all solution to living a good life, but I would like to share with you what I believe are three things that you can do, today, to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

3 Steps to Living a Good Life

1) Take Action

All the dreams, goals, and plans are useless without action. Applying action to thoughts and ideas creates results.

Be it mental or physical action is life.

It’s making decisions, it’s being productive, and it’s the backbone of living a good life.

Live in the now. Embrace each moment with everything you have, because you can’t get it back.

The amount of action you take has a direct impact on your personal and professional life.

2) Build the Right Connections Friendships

Now that you’re taking action, you will need a solid network around you. The people in your life play a major role here.

Everyone has variety when it comes to their social/professional circles. Friends, family, spouses, children, employees, co-workers, business partners, and so on.

Who are the individuals that you know that can assist, develop, and help you?

An easy way to enhance a relationship is to offer it the time and attention it deserves. This is how you create the important bonds that last a lifetime.

Who are the people that are holding you back?

It sounds harsh, but eliminating the disastrous relationships in your life is the key to moving forward. Sometimes it’s tough but think about this – what type of connection/friendship is it really if there is no mutual benefit?

3) Develop Your Lifestyle and Sense of Culture

One of the best parts of living a good life is enjoying it!

Life is here for the taking so why not get the most out of it, right now, today?

There are so many ways we can give, serve, and take in the full experience of the day.

Start by expressing gratitude for what you do have.

Make it a point to help others in need. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing someone in need and being able to apply your skills and resources to help them on their journey.

Be fascinated.

Have you ever stopped and really taken in the culture different styles the world has to offer?

You don’t necessarily have to travel far and wide to enjoy the food, wine, music, or art. Many cities and towns have so many options to explore that are right within your reach (so get up and get out).

It’s these 3 simple ideas that have helped me in my own personal and professional quest for refining and living a good life. I sincerely hope after reading this it has sparked an idea or thought that might stick with you for the days, months and years ahead when you’re planning out your next idea, goal, dream or adventure.