finding more coaching clientsDo you own a coaching business? Are you looking to take on more clients? Whether you’re in the personal or professional niche, finding more coaching clients can be very difficult.

While tried and true, the direct selling and direct response methods (like cold calling) have a pretty low conversion rate and take up a lot of time.


For someone to hire you, they need know who you are and what it is you can do for them.

So what is the best approach for finding more coaching clients when selling them the unknown?

What if I told you that you’re most likely already sitting on a resource that you can use to your advantage to secure more clients?

The Key to Finding More Coaching Clients

The biggest challenge coaches face when trying to find more clients is selling them the unknown.

When we say unknown, we mean that we know that almost all people who can benefit from coaching, whether it’s professional or personal coaching, have probably no idea what it entails or a clue as to how it works.

Working with a large number of clients in coaching and consulting roles across the country and internationally I’ve learned that this kind of challenge can be the most frustrating for newly established coaches and entrepreneurs.

You know your vision. You know your value.

You want to help your clients succeed in business or in their lives, but closing the sale tends to be the hardest part in what you’re setting out to do.

We all know that when our clients finally do get a chance for one-one-action with a coach, odds are they have their epiphany or “aha!” moment and start to understand the value that comes with their new-found mentorship.

So the first step for newly established and even veteran coaches is to overcome the unknown, and many, if not all coaches, have the perfect tool to do just that – their website!

3 Ways to Finding More Coaching Clients With Your Website

1) Tailor Your Copy to Target What Your Clients Know

Prospective coaching clients are extremely aware of their own pain points Whether they want to get in better shape, be more productive in their career, earn extra income, or sleep better at night – they know exactly where they want to improve.

They also have a vision of their own future. For the most part our clients have big goals and dreams.

Perhaps they’re looking for more fulfillment and happier life. When you sit down to write about your services or blog be sure to refine your narrative to focus on the topics and things your prospect wants, dreams, desires, wishes for, or struggles to overcome.

By showing how you can (and have) helped others you in-turn help your future prospect get a better understanding of what it is you can do for them.

Write in terms of problems and results, questions and answers, and helping people get from Point A to Point B. Include any sort of case studies, testimonials or customer reviews that help to further back your mission statement and quality of work.

Notice the ‘hook’ at the beginning of this post? I used the same exact method to draw attention to an important place for coaches – finding more clients! Do the same with your brand/business.

2) Give Away Free Info or Products

Free info products or giveaways can be a great incentive to lead your prospects into and down your sales funnel.

Many coaches already have blogs, articles and books that they’ve already written and worked on – use this to your advantage!

Choose a particular topic or subject then go back through your archives and/or content and piece together a free report, book, or even e-course, that can be downloaded off of your site.

Here’s what makes this approach a great one:

  • Mostly everybody likes informative information that is free
  • After you’ve put the product together you can automate the giveaway easily
  • It shows your audience that you are knowledgeable in your field
  • Prospects that enjoy your info or product will be more likely to share with others
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See what just happened there? 🙂

3) Provide a Free Online Assesment

This one is very easy to implment and free if you are familiar with how to create a form in Google Docs/Drive.

Just come up with a list of questions relevant to your targeted clients.

Next, invite them to answer the questions in return for a free interpretation or score based on their feedback. This can not only provide some really helpful information about themselves, but it can help you to quality which clients will be a good fit for your business model.

Just like providing a short book or report, this is totally free (just takes a short bit of time) and is not difficult to implement, results are automated and it can be shared with others.

You may even uncover some areas to focus on that you had not previously uncovered or thought about. Customer feedback and direction is vital when it comes to the sales process so you always want to be listening to your audience and understanding their needs!

I’d be silly to not follow my own advice, so how about a free online assessment of your business/brand and marketing efforts??

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To sum things up, use your website as a powerful sales tool. One that educates your prospects, provides more value than is being asked for in terms of sales dollars, and builds the trust that will help grow your relationship for months and years to come.

Jason Anthony is President of Jason Anthony Group, LLC, a coach and consultant for a number of for and not-for profit organizations, a serial entrepreneur who owns and invests in a number of online and offline businesses, and lifestyle design expert. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram for more good times!