The Challenge

Prescott Roofing was established in 1906.  The last major branding that took place was in the 80’s and since then they had no online presence. As one of the premiere and most established outfits in the industry they were ready to up their stakes in the online world.

The Solution

By consulting with Prescott Roofing we were able to establish a new branding initiative that tied all their marketing efforts together.  The creation of new responsive website was the next phase, followed by a strict search engine optimization campaign to increase their traffic, leads and ultimately sales.

Complete Branding & Identity

Conceptual and finalized logo design and branding.  Consistency across all social media platforms.

Responsive Web Design

Ability to detect and adjust to any screen size for optimum usability and functionality.

Email & Hosting

Full service email, hosting and maintenance plans.

Search Engine Marketing

Monthly keyword campaign consisting of on-page and off-page activities to increase their organic search rankings.

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